The Niccolai Piante nursery of Fabio Niccolai & C. ss was founded in the 60's due to the love for the land by Enzo and Luigi Niccolai. In the 80’s the company moved forward when Enzo’s son Fabio and his wife Cinzia joined the company allowing Niccolai Piante to weave and strengthen national and international trade relations. Over the years the Niccolai Piante consolidated through increases in cultivable acreage and through building modern facilities. At the start of the new millennium the third generation, with Irene, Marco and Giulia Niccolai, sons of Fabio and Cinzia, joined the working group. During these years there is a great expansion of markets, with a strong presence in many EU countries and not only. Our day to day improvement as a company is due to a development of a vast wealth of knowledge and experience gained in more than 50 years of work.
Società Agricola Niccolai Piante di Fabio Niccolai e C. s.s.
Tel. (+39) 0574 718359 - Fax (+39) 0574 711839 - mail: info@niccolaipiante.com - P. IVA: 01101120473